The Protagonists

Arthur Lenglin, Designer and founder of Aequo

Arthur is a touch-to-all artist: musician, illustrator, sculptor …. He is enthusiastic about any creative medium. Each new process nourishes his desire to learn and enriches his artistic universe turned to naive art. Between art and design, Arthur develops a language that places reflection, utility and spirituality at the center of his concerns and illustrates with exaltation a creative, curious and concerned approach to its impact on the environment.

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Tim Defleur, Designer and founder of Aequo



Tim composes with his own vocabulary and his own vision. Rich in his experiences, he leads his projects with the passion of the world around him. Always attracted by art in all its forms, for him design is based on the observation of everyday life and person habits. These are his best sources of inspiration, that’s where his creations start.


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Benjamin Helle, Designer and founder of Aequo

Curiosity is surely what best characterizes Benjamin. It opened up exciting artistic paths. Each new project has a story, from a meeting or a discovery. Whatever if he is sometimes lost in his fantasies: life is for him a real playground in which his creation blossoms. Benjamin plays with colors, materials, smells to create unique and intimate objects that resonate in us with emotions.

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Companies and Craftsmen

Valerie Fortin, Ceramic artist, L’atelier du Potier, Marcq-en-Baroeul



Graduated in interior design, Valérie Fortin worked for fifteen years in graphic design and fashion design before becoming a potter. She then obtains a patent of Art-crafts of ceramic artist and installs her studio in Marcq-en-Baroeul. From then on, she devotes herself to her passion, experimenting with soil and the techniques of shaping and cooking. She produces her own pottery collection inspired by tradition and nature and collaborates with artists on particular productions. Designer in the soul, she approaches the ceramic with the ambition to push the limits of the material.



Etnisi, material creator, Marcq-en-Baroeul



The vital issues of waste reduction and the concern for an aesthetic environment make EtNISI a precursor in the research for coherence between aesthetics and sustainable use. The product of this research, the Wasterial is a new material composed of at least 75% of “secondary raw materials” in other words waste.
His story is not dedicated to burial but to light. Pavers, bricks, textiles and other crushed bikes … became Wasterial and thus, through their second life, witnessed links between the past and the present.
The Wasterial brings the subject back to life.



Miroiterie Fermont, Toufflers



Located in Toufflers, the miroiterie Fermont cuts, shapes, transforms and decorates all glass products. By mastering many techniques such as sanding, bending or engraving, it offers wide possibilities of working glass and takes the opportunity to meet the requirements of designers with whom it collaborates.



Marbrerie Bidault, Lille



The Granits Concept company in Lille is a stonework for architecture. Attached to designing quality products worthy of his family know-how, Alexandre Bidault at the head of his structure responds enthusiastically to the projects presented to him.



AMV, Workshop and Museum of Glass, Trelon



The workshop-museum of glass is located in an exceptional site. Under a typical 19th century architecture, the glass hall has retained its original technical infrastructure, including two pots furnaces, rare witnesses of this industrial activity.
The museum also presents an important collection of bottles formerly produced on the site. Permanent demonstrations of blowing and glasswork add magic and enchantment to the visit.




Studio Helle, Photographer, Béthune



The Studio Helle in Bethune is foremost a family story. Olivier is passionate about his mother’s job. In 1990, he took over the Studio. Inspired and creative, Olivier realizes with and for his customers each photographic project. Portraits, reports, families, births, companies … Its purpose: Keep and engrave everyone’s memories in pictures.

Saint-Huître, Writter, Saint-Erme



Born in 1983, in Bethune. Saint Huître lives and works in the Hauts de France.
Permanent resident of the Performing Art Forum (Paf), his writing work evolves thanks to meetings that regularly brings him to participate in projects of translation, writing, proofreading. Author of several books of poetry, he also maintains a strong link with the creation of board games as a support for a reflection on political and social mechanics.




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